Supporting Candidates Who Support Public Education

Better Schools Kentucky is a political action committee made up of Kentucky teachers. We seek to support pro-public education candidates who will promote what is best for children and public education throughout the Commonwealth.

Better Schools Kentucky recommendations are based on multiple factors, that may include incumbents’ voting records on public education issues, past advocacy for public education, candidate viability, questionnaires, interviews, and other research. After considering these factors, the committee recommends candidates who are strong advocates for children, teachers, and public education; candidates who will listen to the concerns of classroom educators and who feel, as we do, that educators and public schools are important.

to download the 2024 BSK Report of recommended candidates in the May 21 primary election.

Candidate Endorsements

School Board District 1

Diane Porter

• Former teacher
• Former JCPS administrator
• Current board chair
School Board District 3

James Craig

• JCPS parent
• Practicing attorney
•Current board member
School Board District 5

Linda Duncan

• JCPS grandparent
• Former assistant principal
• Current board member
School Board District 6

Corrie Shull

• Respected pastor
• Tireless advocate
• Current board member

to download the 2023 BSK Report of recommended candidates in the November 7 General Election.