Chris Brady Candidate for 7th School District

His Experience

Chris Brady has served on the Jefferson County School Board since 2012, putting to good use his wealth of knowledge in teaching and education policy. Louisville-born and a lifelong resident of KY, Brady attended JCPS schools and graduated from Western Kentucky University. He returned to JCPS as a substitute teacher and later as a parent; his boys attend Farmer Elementary. Brady also taught at Indiana University Southeast. Currently, Brady is employed as a Professional Technology Trainer, Designer and Support Specialist at Norton Healthcare.

His Beliefs
  • Privatization efforts like vouchers and charter schools take money out of public schools, increase racial segregation, are hard to hold accountable, put profit above students and only a few are successful.
  • JCPS should maintain its position as a state leader in teacher salaries.
  • When teacher evaluations/employment status are tied to student test scores, teachers are ultimately held accountable for challenges students face outside of the classroom, offering teachers little incentive to teach in the most challenging schools.
  • Vouchers and tax credits take much-needed funds out of public schools and into private companies.
  • A public employee collective bargaining law should be passed.
  • He opposes "right to work" legislation and supports prevailing wage laws.
  • JCPS policies that protect employees and students from harassment and discrimination should be maintained.