Benjamin Gies Candidate for 4th School District

His Experience

Benjamin Gies is a proud product of JCPS, having attended Trunnell Elementary School, Lassiter Middle School, and Atherton High School. The scholarship awarded funds to two high school seniors (one male and one female) who intended to pursue a career in public education. He holds a BA from Bellarmine University in history, secondary education, and the liberal arts, and graduated magna cum laude with honors in the fields of history and education.
Gies served as the Civic Education Coordinator at the University of Louisville. His responsibilities included developing civic programming for teachers and students, organizing conferences designed to strengthen historical knowledge, and hosting distinguished speakers.
Gies currently teaches high school in Oldham County. (Jefferson County teachers are prohibited from running for Jefferson County School Board.)

On The Issues

Gies is a strong supporter of public education and recognize that the funding that public schools receive is always at a premium.

Gies understands that assessments are an essential part of the learning process. He favors common-sense, balanced approach to assessments that puts testing in its place so students have time to learn.

Teacher Evaluation:
Leaders in education must understand that learning is not “one size fits all.” Student growth is also not “one size fits all.” Student growth and achievement must be measured on a student to student basis. No fair system exists to adequately evaluate teacher employment/pay to “one size fits all” standards.